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Welcome on the official Volatile Dove web site, home of François Braud's indie video games and software. Most of them are free, and some even open-source. This was at first a hobby, but the current and undisclosed future projects have as target to make polished and professional video games. Feel free to download, and don't hesitate to comment on social networks.

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In development

The Loving Cube Engine is a game engine in a very large and fully transformable environment.
Technologies: C++, OpenGL, OpenAL, Direct3D, Windows 8 API, ...

windows 8windowslinux

Finished games and software

Some Nice Dice is a small application which displays dice of different sides, for example for roleplaying games.
Technologies: C++, OpenGL, OpenAL, Direct2D, Windows 8 API, ...

windows 8windowslinux

The Butterflies Garden is a strategy game where you control butterflies in a cube-based environment. The world looks like CubesMayhem, but with a totally renovated engine, and better graphics.
Technologies : C++/Irrlicht


This Is Obviously Simple is a strange short indie game, made in 3 days, and (almost?) quick to finish! Take control of a robot to save a wounded girl.
Technologies: C++/Irrlicht

windowslinux(sources included)

Tanea's world is an experimental and quite difficult platform game, where the main character can move the environment elements with her hair. It includes a level editor.
Technologies: personal custom C++ graphic engine, using OpenGL/OpenAL/...


Older finished games

Ursus 6 is a platform game I made a long time ago, where you play a bear cub. Save the world from the evil Arzar!
Technologies : C++/Irrlicht/OpenAL

CubesMayhem, formerly FunBlobReturn, is a game with random-generated cubes.
Technologies : C++/Irrlicht/OpenAL
windowslinux(sources included)
My other (very) old games windowslinux
msdos(sources included)