Tanea's World

Tanea's World takes place in a fantasy world. You play Tanea, a farmer who must save the kingdom from the vile sorcerer Wargol. To do it, you have a magic hair, which allows you to move objects.

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An innovative gameplay : move the game platforms for your advantage.

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Go through 25 levels and 6 different environments.

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Dodge the sorcerer's flying machines and puppets.

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Use the level editor to create levels yourself.

The game is fully available in French and English languages.

The game is now in realtime 3D ! (since version 1.2)

See now an in-game video on YouTube website.

download setup version (windows) The "setup" version is easier to install (you must only follow installation instructions), but works only with Windows.

download zip version (windows)(linux)(zip) The "zip" version require an unzip software, but works both on Windows and Linux. If you choose this version, uncompress the zip folder in any folder of your hard drive (like for example the desktop), and launch the executable program corresponding to your operating system.

Note: the game features are the same for the two versions.

Recommended configuration

If you have a technical problem, open the file readme.html, in the game folder, and read it. You will probably find the solution for your problem.

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